Customer Testimonials

  • I use NBMS for my catheter supplies and words cannot express how satisfied I am. My orders are always filled quickly and the staff is so friendly and efficient. They are so helpful when I have questions and are generous with information. I appreciate New Britain Medical and all they do for me. They definitely have a fan for life!

    - Molly H.

    I was a little hesitant leaving my previous medical supplier consisting of 50 plus employees because I was comfortable with them. Now after over 7 years using New Britain Medical Supplies, I have been completely satisfied. I am greeted on a personal basis and all of my physical and personal needs are met promptly. Whether it is a change in medical supplies or insurance, they have helped me get my supplies the next day to my door with no questions asked. I know I can trust New Britain Medical because of Joey’s insights and personal experiences using the products he sells.

    - Darrell R. - Occupational Therapist, T-8 Paraplegic

  • 5 Reasons To Leave Your Catheter Supplier

    Chances are, when you were told by your doctor that you needed to start using catheters to urinate that you were also instructed on what supplier would give them to you. Understandably, you dutifully contacted the catheter supplier you were told do. Where else would you get them? It’s not like your neighborhood drug store has them just sitting on the shelves.

    While most wouldn’t know one supplier from the other at the beginning, perhaps you have started to realize that there are other catheter suppliers out there. Maybe you have wondered if the grass might be greener at another supplier. If you have had these thoughts then it just could be that you are not being treated well by the catheter supplier you have. Like any other relationship that has started to chill, there are probably a few little reasons to walk away, not one big one. If your relationship with your current catheter supplier looks like any of these, you might want to leave your catheter supplier.

    Ways Your Catheter Supplier Can Stray In Your Relationship

    Let’s call these the 5 carnal sins in a relationship with any supplier. First of all, you are the customer. Anyone telling you that you can’t do something that is perfectly within your right to do is just plain wrong.

    Limits Your Choice Of Catheters. Sometimes your doctor will write on your prescription what brand and type of catheter to use. If you are using a specific type and brand of catheter and you are experiencing discomfort or frequent UTIs, talk to your doctor about switching your prescription to something else. Otherwise, you should be able to sample some different brands of catheters to find the one that works best for you. Not all intermittent catheters are the same. If your supplier is telling you that is true, it may likely be that they have a limited offering.

    Catheter suppliers that are owned by a catheter brand will naturally steer you in the direction of their catheter. That just makes sense. If you are not happy with their brand and they won’t offer you anything else, it is time to go. You have choices, they are just not willing to offer you any.

    Has Late Or Inaccurate Deliveries. If you are like most catheter users, you only get a certain amount per month under your insurance. By the time you need your supplies, you are down to the bottom of the box. Now is not the time to find you’ve been sent the wrong order or the order is missing something. Most will overnight you the proper order in an effort to fix the problem, but you shouldn’t have to worry about that every month. If you can’t trust your supplier to get it right and get your order to you on time, walk away and find a catheter supplier who can get you what you need the first time.

    Bad Customer Service. Need we say more? When you need to speak to someone at your catheter supplier, the last thing you want to do is get frustrated by bad customer service on top of it. Not all catheter suppliers are large conglomerates with 800 number call center farms. A smaller supplier can offer the kind of customer service you need by building a relationship with you the old fashioned way; getting to know you. If you don’t like talking to a nameless voice on the other end of the phone every month, or if they don’t seem to resolve your issues when you call, it is time to make a move to a different supplier.

    Doesn’t Work With Your Insurance Company. Some suppliers will tell you that they can accept your insurance but really mean they only have an out-of-network relationship with them. If you are working with a catheter supplier that is not in-network with your insurance company, you will either wind up paying more or your catheter supplier will farm your prescription out to a 3rd party supplier who does. This is usually true of Medicaid customers. Medicaid licenses are only handed out to a few suppliers. Find out if your supplier accepts your insurance in-network and if you will be working with them directly. If not, find a supplier who can work with you to keep your out-of-pocket expenses low and work with you first hand.

    No Personal Relationship. Does your supplier know who you are? Would you like them to? It is nice when you have the kind of relationship with businesses you work with where they know you by first name and can contribute more to your relationship than a transaction every month. Many catheter users like being able to ask personal questions about catheter use to people with whom they feel comfortable. That only comes by building trust. Having a personal relationship means better care and greater customer satisfaction. If you aren’t feeling the love, find a supplier who can give you more for your relationship than a box of catheter supplies every month.

    A more beneficial relationship with your catheter supplier may be just around the corner. If you are having any of the above issues with your current supplier, a change might be just what you need to feel better about catheter use. After all, with something so personal, doesn’t comfort matter on more than one level?