Customer Testimonials

  • I use NBMS for my catheter supplies and words cannot express how satisfied I am. My orders are always filled quickly and the staff is so friendly and efficient. They are so helpful when I have questions and are generous with information. I appreciate New Britain Medical and all they do for me. They definitely have a fan for life!

    - Molly H.

    I was a little hesitant leaving my previous medical supplier consisting of 50 plus employees because I was comfortable with them. Now after over 7 years using New Britain Medical Supplies, I have been completely satisfied. I am greeted on a personal basis and all of my physical and personal needs are met promptly. Whether it is a change in medical supplies or insurance, they have helped me get my supplies the next day to my door with no questions asked. I know I can trust New Britain Medical because of Joey’s insights and personal experiences using the products he sells.

    - Darrell R. - Occupational Therapist, T-8 Paraplegic

  • Which Catheter Fits Your Needs?

    With so many catheters on the market today, a patient who may need to use a catheter for the first time may be feeling clueless as to which catheter will be best for them. Some people may even be unaware of the use of a catheter and how it can help them. Here are some catheter basics and some examples of new catheters that are available today.

    The Basics:

    There are many different types of catheters (thin tubes that help to drain urine from the bladder) and manufacturers of catheters. The use of a catheter also ranges from urinary incontinence, urinary retention, or neurogenic bladder disorders that do not allow one to empty the bladder without the use of a catheter. This can range from patients with Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Spina Bifida, and others.

    Catheter types include: straight, coude, hydrophilic, closed system, condom, and foley. These catheters have many different sizes, which is known as the “French” size. This is another way to describe the diameter of the catheter. These normally range from a pediatric 8 to adult 18. The length of these catheters are typically either a Female 6″ or Male 16″ but can vary in length.

    Different Types of Catheters:

    cath04Cure Twist – This new catheter is a discreet option designed for women who are on the go and need a catheter that is small and sleek. The size of this catheter is similar to a mascara wand or bleach pen.  Like all Cure catheters, it is DEHP Free and Latex Free with smooth, fire polished eyelets for maximum comfort. It comes pre-lubricated without making a mess and has a funnel end.



    SpeediCath Compact Set- This catheter comes in two sizes, one for males and one for females. The catheter comes in a tube that you simply twist open and it comes ready-to-use with a coated catheter in a sterile solution with attached bag. This is a good option for a patient that may be bed-ridden or cannot empty the urine immediately.



    Cure U Pocket Catheter- The new Cure U is a straight catheter for males that provides a more discreet option in comparison to the 16″ long parcel that it normally comes in. Like all Cure catheters, it is DEHP Free and Latex Free with smooth, fire polished eyelets. The Cure U was designed to fit in a males pants pocket which can be used for on the go catheterization at their discretion.


    cath01Closed System Catheter- A closed system catheter is a preferred method of cathing for patients who use wheelchairs,or those who suffer from recurring UTI’s. With the added feature of an introducer tip, it allows the pre-lubricated catheter to bypass any bacteria that usually is found when you first enter the urethra. This method significantly reduces the risk of infection and painful UTI’s. Many manufacturers make closed system catheters such as Cure, Bard, MTG, Hollister, Rusch and more.


    cath03MTG EZ- Gripper Closed System Catheter- Another option for patients with limited hand dexterity, usually associated with Spinal Cord Injury or Multiple Sclerosis is the EZ- Gripper Closed System Catheter. This catheter offers the ease and benefits of a closed system catheter with an easy to use Gripper handle.

    If you have any questions about catheters or would like to have free samples delivered to you, please call us toll free and speak to either Cindy or Joe at: 1-855-332-0285.