Customer Testimonials

  • I use NBMS for my catheter supplies and words cannot express how satisfied I am. My orders are always filled quickly and the staff is so friendly and efficient. They are so helpful when I have questions and are generous with information. I appreciate New Britain Medical and all they do for me. They definitely have a fan for life!

    - Molly H.

    I was a little hesitant leaving my previous medical supplier consisting of 50 plus employees because I was comfortable with them. Now after over 7 years using New Britain Medical Supplies, I have been completely satisfied. I am greeted on a personal basis and all of my physical and personal needs are met promptly. Whether it is a change in medical supplies or insurance, they have helped me get my supplies the next day to my door with no questions asked. I know I can trust New Britain Medical because of Joey’s insights and personal experiences using the products he sells.

    - Darrell R. - Occupational Therapist, T-8 Paraplegic

  • What Big Catheter Suppliers Don’t Want You To Know

    When it comes to getting excellent service, it is always best to work with the largest companies in the industry. Right? Not always. It is usually what people pick when they are not familiar with the medical industry. Especially when it comes to catheter supplies.

    The largest catheter suppliers are happy to have this phenomenon. They make more money that way. But what the big catheter suppliers don’t want you to know may help you make a better choice as to which company is right for you.

    Are the biggest catheter suppliers the best? That depends on what you want for services and how you’d prefer to be treated. Let’s take a look at what they’d rather you didn’t know before you make your buying decision and you see for yourself.

    Big Catheter Suppliers Are Being Bought By Manufacturers

    These companies have special ways of handling how they service you as a customer. Some are better than others. One thing is for sure, you should know if your supplier is a manufacturer before you decide to work with any catheter supplier, never mind the big ones.

    Three of the big catheter suppliers have a dedicated team of people who take calls from a 1-800 number for their patients. If you don’t care who you talk to or seldom have a reason to call your catheter supplier, this should be fine for you.

    One of the biggest changes in the industry has been that the major catheter manufacturers have been busy buying up catheter suppliers. The problem with this is now the customer is being limited in seeing what all the different brands and types there are to choose from in the market. If you work with a big catheter supplier who’s now owned by a catheter manufacturer, it isn’t too hard to see which brand you’ll be using, whether you want to use it or not.

    Also, catheter suppliers who are owned by manufacturers are focused on numbers. They want to sell you the catheter that makes them the most money. This isn’t a fair advantage to a customer. Smaller catheter suppliers do not have a stake in which brand and type of catheter you use. Most offer all of the reputable brands and types there are to choose from. This allows the patient to have a selection to sample before they decide which brand is their brand of choice. Don’t expect to accomplish this easily when you are working with one of the big catheter suppliers turned catheter manufacturer.

    Big Catheter Suppliers Have Gigantic Marketing Budgets

    If you are interested in a big catheter supplier because you have seen their name everywhere you looked, there is a good reason for that; they paid to show up there. That doesn’t mean they are the best. Advertising your services in varying ways is very expensive. In order to do banner ads on the Internet, radio spots and TV ads, you have to spend in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Some understand this is the way it is and are OK with it, but if you’d rather work with a small catheter supplier who is more focused on growth through customer referral and reputation, and less marketing, you may want to stay away from the big catheter suppliers. The choice is yours, but you should know what your insurance deductible and co-pays are going towards.

    Talk To A Small Supplier For Better Care And Less Hassle

    Working with a big catheter supplier may be exactly what you need, maybe it’s not. You really won’t know until you start digging into the Internet to figure out which ones seem well-suited for you to work with. A smaller supplier, like New Britain Medical Supplies, will focus their business around customer satisfaction, not volume customer attrition.  You don’t have to be treated like a number and most people want to talk to someone they know will help them when they have an issue. You don’t find that level of customer care at any of the big catheter suppliers.

    Don’t let the big guys push you around. Find the right catheter supplier the first time and get back to living your life in confidence that you urology needs are in good hands.